Cranes for the Ship and Boat Building Industry

Lifting systems for the Ship and Boat building industry.

Street Crane supply a wide range of gantry cranes and hoists for the construction and maintenance of ships and boats. From integrated material handling systems for luxury ocean going yachts to high capacity heavy duty bridge and portal cranes for ship fabrication in the world’s largest and busiest shipyards.

This is an industry which not only uses a big range of crane types but also has requirements for a capacities ranging from less than 1 tonne to more than 100 tonnes with duty classifications from the lightest to the seriously heavy duty. Bespoke specification Street portal cranes and overhead cranes are employed in ship fabrication and boat assembly and the lighter jibs, wire rope hoists and chain hoists used in ancillary activities. Crane applications in shipyards and docks may be outdoors in harsh weather and saltwater conditions.

Street Jib cranes with rotating booms are used on docks, harbors and repair yards to get lift boats in and out of the water.

If you have a requirement for precise and reliable lifting in shipbuilding sector, get in touch with Street crane for a consultation and bespoke quotation.


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