Gantry Cranes or Portal Cranes

Street Crane has 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing Portal, goliath and semi-goliath cranes and is considered a leader in the field. Gantry cranes are essentially overhead cranes on legs that run on floor-mounted rails. Semi-Portal cranes are a similar design but have a single leg with floor rails at one end of the crane bridge and a high-level rail at the other. As well as running on floor-mounted rails, we also offer a rail-less semi-portal crane design with heavy-duty polyurethane tyres which run directly on the floor.

Larger Portal cranes are more normally used outdoors in applications such as stockyards and shipyards but we also manufacture smaller Portal and semi-portal cranes for indoor use. All can be equipped with Street ZX wire rope hoists VX open winch hoists or LX chain hoists.