Bespoke, circular overhead crane for AMRC

Cutting-edge factory benefits from Street’s bespoke ‘doughnut’ crane

The Challenge

Located in Sheffield, AMRC Factory 2050 is the UK’s first reconfigurable assembly and component manufacturing facility for collaborative research. The £43m 7,000 sq m circular facility is constructed largely from glass to showcase the advanced manufacturing technologies of the AMRC with Boeing’s Integrated Manufacturing Group.

AMRC required reliable and efficient overhead cranes which would be in constant use, locating, moving and positioning heavier objects such as robots and machine beds. One of the key challenges was to source an overhead crane that could operate effectively around the circular building.

The Solution

Street designed, manufactured and installed a bespoke, circular overhead crane capable of lifting products weighing up to five tonnes. This single girder crane incorporates bespoke end carriages that enable it to travel around the curved track of the circular building.

Two 10-tonne cranes were also supplied and installed. These can operate in tandem ensuring more stability which is essential for lifting objects such as flexible aircraft wings.

The Benefits

Bespoke engineering and design has enabled the crane travel drives and end carriage assemblies to travel effectively around the circular building, meeting AMRC’s need for highly-effective overhead cranes that could be displayed in its iconic building.

Reliable and efficient operations:

All of the cranes have been fitted with Street’s renowned ZX wire rope hoists which maximise reliability, production and performance, and minimise maintenance requirements.
Tandem control enables larger and more flexible materials to be lifted with more stability and efficiency.

Enhanced safety:

Remote radio controls allow the crane operator to select the position that gives the best view for lifting, moving and load placement.
Ben Morgan, head of the Integrated Manufacturing Group/Factory 2050:

“We needed a lighter crane for the circular building and given its iconic shape, turned to Street to engineer a product that matched our exact specification. We’ve been really impressed by all of Street’s products. They’re much quicker, safer and more efficient than any others we’ve used before. “