Cranes for the Power Generating Industry

Street has played an important role in all aspects of materials handling and maintenance for the power generation industry. With more than 70 years of experience, we have proven ability supplying cranes and hoists from 1 tonne to 120 tonne capacity to suit many applications throughout this sector.


Today the power generation industry is very diverse with handling applications from low duty, heavy-lift turbine hall maintenance cranes to high-duty, continuous operation waste-to-energy process applications. Cranes must be able to work in extremely tough environments with precision and of course safely. Even in low-duty applications reliability is paramount when cranes are called upon at short notice following periods of inactivity, they must be available.


Globally, Street Crane has hundreds of successful installations in almost every type of power plant, including waste-to-energy, coal, oil and gas-fired power stations as well nuclear power plants where additional safety and/or fail-safe solutions are a requirement. Each situation offers a unique challenge and more recently with the shift towards green energy and renewables, our knowledge and experience has proven invaluable with Street cranes now performing key roles in many wind turbine and blade manufacturing facilities around the world.

If you have a requirement for precise and reliable lifting and are active in the power generation sector, get in touch with Street crane for a consultation and bespoke quotation.


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