Cranes for the Plastics Industry

Accurate heavy lifting systems.


The manufacture of injection moulded and extruded plastic products is a hugely important industry, producing products that are vital to everyday life, both in commercial applications and in the home.

Street Crane have been producing high quality, durable lifting equipment for this sector for decades and are especially experienced in the installation of hoists capable of highly accurate product placement.
The plastic extrusion process involves the use of interchangeable precision-made dies, each for a unique product. These dies need accurate and safe placement onto industrial press systems, with Street able to programme this placement to the millimeter.

Closed loop variable frequency motor controls are used in almost all these applications and a range of bespoke features can also be specified.

If you have a requirement for precise and reliable lifting in plastics industry, get in touch with Street crane for a consultation and bespoke quotation.


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