Cranes for the paper Industry

Lifting solutions for demanding environments

Street Crane have been working with the paper making industry for over 60 years and have all the experience required to ensure the successful design and installation of suitably robust crane systems.

A traditional paper mill environment poses unique challenges, from at the ‘wet end’ of the process, with the potential for excessive amounts of water in close contact with engineered components and electrical systems to fire risk at the dry end. Modern mills have much improved environments but the need for the highest levels of availability sets the industry apart.

Street solutions for the paper industry include single or double girder cranes with either ZX wire rope or VX open winch hoists with capacities of up to 100 tonnes. Crane applications include maintenance and the changing of rolls employing one, two or three hoists on a crane bridge.

If you have a requirement for precise and reliable lifting in the paper making industry, get in touch with Street crane for a consultation and bespoke quotation.


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