Metals - iron, steel aluminium and more

Many businesses around the world rely on Street technology for the handling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Lifting and handling metals in various states places very high demands on cranes and hoists. Typically high speeds, extreme levels of equipment utilization, high performance and high reliability are required, all under arduous and challenging ambient conditions. The Street VX heavy duty open winch hoist and range of standard and special high-performing crane solutions enables us to deliver reliable cost effective solutions.


Molten metal handling cranes


Specialised ladle handling cranes for transporting molten metals from a furnace to casting areas. Particular attention is paid to the unique safety issues with secondary braking systems, safety rated controls and other backup systems to comply with European standards.


Billet handling cranes


Billets of ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be transported from a continuous casting machine conveyor to the storage area or to a rolling mill. Again, safety is the primary consideration due to the incredibly high temperatures and weight of products being transported.


Coil handling cranes


VX hoists provide a true vertical lift enabling steel coils to be placed precisely whilst eliminating any sideways drag. The hoist’s open frame design provides easy access to major components for servicing.
An external brake operating on the first gearbox shaft, away from the drive motor,
remains cooler in use and is also more easily inspected and serviced.

If you have a requirement for precise and reliable lifting in the metal production or handling industry, get in touch with Street crane for a consultation and bespoke quotation.


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