Cranes for automotive manufacturing

Automotive manufacturers require a combination of safety, precision and efficiency in lifting and handling and often semi-automated technologies are needed to achieve this. Street Crane has successfully supplied lifting solutions to every corner of the globe for the automotive industry, including press plant cranes which are required for the efficient storage and retrieval of the heavy dies used to manufacture vehicle body panels.

Such cranes feature our extensive range of market-leading wire rope hoists and typically feature capacities of up to 60 tonnes sometimes with precise turning operations and controls for automated product placement.

Street Crane has a proven record in meeting the exacting standards of the automotive sector and there follows a list of just a few of the crane features we have supplied:


  • Twin hoists with load summation.
  • Secondary braking and load arrestors.
  • Overspeed protection.
  • Safety rated controls to EN 13849 Cat 3 PLd
  • Load dependent speed.
  • Design working period (DWP) monitors.
  • Condition monitoring.
  • Micro-speeds and infinitely variable speeds.

Who We've Supplied To

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