Overhead cranes are an integral part of the manufacturing process at Hayward Tyler’s advanced production facility.

The Challenge

Hayward Tyler designs, engineers and manufactures specialist motors and pumps for the most demanding environments across the global energy sector.


Following a £20m investment including a 30,000 sq ft extension, the company turned its Luton-based factory into a ‘Centre of Excellence’ which is now classed as the world’s most advanced facility for specialist fluid-filled motors.


With production capacity doubling, durable and reliable overhead lifting equipment was required which had to operate between the existing and new part of the factory.

The Solution

Street worked closely with Hayward Tyler throughout the design process to ensure the overhead cranes would be fit for purpose and that there was minimal impact on production when the replacement cranes were installed in the existing part of the factory.


This required careful coordination with the main building contractor regarding removal and installation, including removing parts of the factory’s roof sheeting several times.


Two 40-tonne double girder cranes were supplied and installed in the newly extended part of the facility. The cranes in the existing part of the building were replaced with two 40-tonne and two 25-tonne double girder cranes.


The new overhead lifting equipment is used for all stages of the Hayward Tyler’s manufacturing process including loading machines, as well as the assembly and testing of large motors and pumps.

The Benefits

Improved safety

  • All cranes are operated by radio remote control equipment, allowing the operator to take the optimum position for viewing and controlling lifting.
  • Infrared anti-collision systems feature where cranes share the same track

Minimal maintenance

  • An open plan hoist design allows easy access to all key areas of the hoist structure for all maintenance procedures without any need for major dismantling work.

Optimised space

  • Heavy duty ZX wire rope hoists optimise space in the new part of the facility, providing a high top hook position to give the best lifting height.

“As the cranes will be in operation for a considerable time period, one of our key selection criteria was maintainability. The modular design approach used by Street gave us confidence in the future availability of appropriate parts and service levels.”

Larry Redmond, Special Projects Director for Hayward Tyler